Flush Plastered

Ceiling Area sqm Please fill in variables in the green boxes Estimated Quantities
Perimeter m
Insulation Rolls
Main Tees 3.6 c/c boxes 20 per box
Cross Tees 1.2 c/c 60 per box boxes
25mm x 25mm galvanised angle Suspension Hangers: 3.6m lengths 3.6 c/c number of hanger points meter drop (roundup) Boxes
Plaster trim m per length Boxes
9mm Gypsum Board length width boards
25mm streaker screws 0.15 c/c 1000 per box of screws box/es
rhinotape 90m per roll rolls
rhinolite 3 mm skim 40kg Bags kg bags
Tek Screws
1000 per box of screws
NB: a continuous length of hanger is to be used