Bishop Strips

Ceiling Area sqm Please fill in variables in the green boxes Estimated Quantities
Perimeter m
Insulation Rolls
Steel Brandering c/c total length meter per length Bunches
steel brandering Hanger Bracket 0.4 truss spacing: maximum 1.2 c/c brackets
steel brandering joiner joiners
7mm Gypsum Board length width boards
25mm Drywall screws 0.15 c/c 1000 per box of screws box/es
rhinotape 90m per roll rolls
rhinolite 3 mm skim 40kg Bags kg bags
75mm gypsum cove cornice select required length m lengths

Please note that the fiqures quoted are an estimate only - site conditions, project constraints and workmanship methodology vary per project & will influence quantities. wastage is not included