wall length m please fill in variables in the Green boxes estimated quantities
wall height m
framework type
Wall Finish
Steel Track meter per length Bunches
Steel Studs

63mm Studs

meter per length Bunches
Gypsym Board
length width
layer board/s either side boards
6x25mm drywall streaker screws
1000 per box of screws box/es
6x40mm drywall streaker screws
for 2 layers 1000 per box of screws box/es
Rhinotape 90m per roll rolls
Rhinoglide 20 kg bags
75mm skirting standard.
Don't Forget To Add Glue from the shop manually.
3.6 meter per length Bunches
please note that the fiqures quoted are an estimate only - site conditions, project constraints and workmanship methodology vary per project & will influence quantities. wastage is not included